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Chicken Lasagna Roll Ups

Yields2 ServingsPrep Time30 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time1 hr

The creamiest and most delicious white lasagna roll-ups with shredded chicken breast, and delicious alfredo sauce, lightened up with some sour cream and a generous amount of cheddar cheese. If you like to have an alfredo chicken pasta dish, then you will love having these fancy lasagna-roll ups!

 1 chicken breast
 6 lasagna rolls
 6 tbsp sour cream
 1 tbsp butter
 1 tbsp flour
 1 cup milk
 ½ cup cheddar cheese
 2 tsp vegeta
 1 tbsp oil

In a small pot, add 3 cups of water and add the lasagna in. Add some salt and boil for 10 minutes.


Meanwhile, in another pot with 2 cups of water and boil the chicken for 15 minutes


In another pan, melt the butter and add the four and the garlic powder in, fry that for 1 minute while constantly stirring. Then add the milk and the Vegeta. Once the milk becomes hot, add the shredded cheddar cheese in and mix until all the cheese has melted and the mixture is thickened.


Leave a couple of tbsp from the sauce to use as a topping. Shred the chicken breast and add it to the rest of the sauce.


Place the lasagna rolls on cutting board or any other flat surface and add 1 tbsp sour cream on each, spreading it on the entire length of the lasagna. Then add the chicken alfredo sauce, and add 1 tbsp cheddar cheese on each lasagna.


Roll up and transfer to the baking dish, with the seam-side down. Add the plain alfredo sauce on each roll and sprinkle more cheddar cheese on top. Plus, add the oil.


Cover it with aluminum foil and bake on a preheated oven on 390F /200C for 10 minutes then, take the foil out and bake for another 5 minutes.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2