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Chicken Caesar Salad

Yields2 ServingsPrep Time10 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time40 mins

Delicious caesar salad, prepared with lettuce, homemade salad dressing, tender chicken bites, garlic croutons, crispy bacon, and topped with some flavorful parmesan cheese.

cooking the chicken:
 1 boneless skinless chicken breast
 ½ tsp salt
 ½ tsp pepper
toasting the garlic croutons:
 1 slices of white bread
 1 tsp butter
 1 garlic clove
salad dressing:
 5 tbsp mayonnaise
 ½ lemon
 3 tbsp parmesan cheese
 1 tsp dried oregano
 ½ tsp salt
 ½ tsp pepper
 6 bacon slices
 2 eggs
cooking the chicken:

Cut one chicken breast through the long side and make two slices. Marinade the chicken with olive oil, salt, and pepper and pan fry it for 6-7 minutes on each side.

toasting the garlic croutons:

Slice two pieces of bread and spread butter on both sides on the bread.


Add them to a pan and toast for 3-4 minutes on each side or until they get slightly golden and crispy. Then rub the slices with one garlic clove on both sides.


Cut on small cubes and transfer the bread again in the pan for around 1 minute.

salad dressing:

In a medium bowl add mayonnaise, lemon, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, dried oregano, salt and pepper. Mix everything well together and leave the dressing on the side.


Place the sliced bacon staying flat on the bottom of the pan. Put them over medium heat, and once they start cooking lower the heat to low. Turn the bacon frequently once it starts cooking so it doesn’t burn, around every 30 seconds. Once you have crispy outside, transfer on a damp cloth to get the access oils out.


Meanwhile, boil the eggs for 7 minutes.


Chop the lettuce on whatever size you prefer, add 1/4 of the dressing in the lettuce and mix it in. Then add the garlic croutons, chop the bacon small pieces, cut the chicken small bites sizes and add it in, and the eggs at the end hut on half. Add the dressing with a spoon right before consuming it.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 2